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Household Information

Provide information for all household members age 15 and older including: Full Name, Sex, Marital Status, Relation to Insured, Date of Birth, SR-22 Needed and their Social Security Number (SSN).


Driver Information

Provide information for all drivers including: License #, License State, License Status, Date Licensed if Youthful Driver, Occupation of Driver.


Claim Information

Provide information for all claims within the past 5 years including: Driver Name, Claims/Accidents/Violations, Date Of Loss, Claim Amount.


Vehicle Information

Provide vehicle information for all vehicles to be insured. Include: Year, Make, Model, VIN#, Primary Operator

Concerning the vehicles to be insured listed above, provide the following details in the area below for each vehicle: Vehicle Use (Business, Pleasure, Farm, Work Commute, School Commute), Miles Commute (one way/per week), Value Of Vehicle, Garaging Zip, Annual Miles



Provide information for desired coverages listed below:


General Information

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the question listed above, this coverage is available for an additional fee. This endorsement provides coverage when using your company vehicle for personal use. The Commercial policy covering the corporate vehicle may exclude coverage for personal use. If coverage is requested, provide details on company vehicle and driver.



Progressive Discount-Snapshot Program:
How it works: for qualifying vehicles, customers will receive a device to plug into their vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port (below the dashboard in most cars). It collects driving data and sends it to Progressive. Te device will need to be plugged in within 45 days of enrolling in the Snapshot program. Progressive will collect 75 days of driving data to provide any renewal discount, based on the driving data. *Currently in the state of Missouri (but will eventually be applied to all states), the clients who participate may see an increase in rates after the data is reviewed if Progressive finds that the client is not defined as a safe driver per Progressive’s guidelines.* If client is interested, please answer the following three questions:

Hartford Discount-True Lane:
How it works: Much like the Snapshot Program, it applies a 5% discount just for trying it out; they need to use it for at least 6 months. The customer will need to give an e-mail address as they can log onto the website and monitor their driving. At the end of the term, the discount that is applicable is anywhere from 0-25%. If customer is interested, please indicate below and provide a valid e-mail address:


Permission Confirmation

I have read the following paragraph to the applicant and they have given permission to continue: The companies used by Armor Insurance Services LLC collect information from credit history and loss reports for rating purposes. This information is shared only with the companies in which we quote. Do we have permission to order this information and provide you with proposal for coverage?

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